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A/V Installation, On Tour, 2017

Concept & Visuals : Yannick Jacquet
Music : Thomas Vaquié
Production : Nicolas Boritch

Suite is a large panoramic video and sound canvas by Swiss/French media artist Yannick Jacquet, with music by Thomas Vaquié. This contemplative work draws inspiration from certain principles of repetition often used in minimalist musical constructions. Employing constantly shifting simple graphic elements, Suite unfolds through slow evolutions. Fluid mechanics and geometry synthesize to create a rich visual complexity that tends towards abstraction
Jacquet’s two-fold research into color and the notions of time and natural cycles has led him to champion a new paradigm of slowness as one possible path to the urgently needed restoration of sensibility.

About The Music :

Suite's music could be like a watercourse. Not a torrent that would removes stones and dig the rock to make his bed, but a small river that makes its way through the landscape, passing around the relief and embracing it.
It is an invitation to sit and listen, rather than an injunction to stop and hear.
It is the time necessary to immerse oneself in a sensation, to feel the movement, the subtle transformations and to experience the emotion that results from it.

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