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Contemporary Dance Piece, On tour , 2020

Choreography: Jonathan Schatz
creation: Yannick Jacquet

Music: Thomas Vaquié

Lighting design and Stage Manager: Benjamin Van Thiel, Arnaud Gerniers and Sacha Delhaye

Accompaniment: Catherine Contour and Anja Röttgerkamp

Production: Transniagara

Co-production : Charleroi Danse

Minakami is a dive, a sensory, poetic experience.
It is an encounter between the choreographic work of Jonathan Schatz and the work Suite by Yannick Jacquet and Thomas Vaquié. A space of contact where choreographic, plastic, musical and technological research is woven together. An invitation to contemplation, between hypnotic attraction, primal sensitivity and vital energies.

About The Music :

Minakami's music is an adaptation of the music from the audiovisual installation suite. It is the pulsation that separates one second from the next. The infinity of states which decompose a movement, however small it may be.

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