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Site Specific A/V installation, Atomium - Brussels - Belgium, 2016

Design & Visual content : Visual System
Music : Thomas Vaquié
Production : Visual System / Atomium
Based on a matrix of word written by Stéphane Beauverger

Sound and light installation for the Atomium expo in Brussels
"Each person who discovers and explores the TALK project will be immersed in a grandiose, 
colorful and sonic artistic experiment, and will be the witness, from inside, 
of a sonic and visual maelstrom symbolizing the never-ending evolution of always diverging but always communicating electronic systems." (Stéphane Beauverger)

About The Music :

Talk starts with a few tears, the kind that make the skin slip from an imprisoning shed. Then it's the release of energy, the discovery of a new space in which to expand. Finally, exaltation, a burst of light that burns the belly and electrifies the limbs. 

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