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Site Specific A/V installation, Geneva - Switzerland , 2010

Visuals : Yannick Jacquet
Music : Thomas Vaquié
Live organ : Diego Innocenzi
Production : Mapping Festival

This audiovisual performance was developed by Yannick Jacquet and Thomas Vaquié, at the request of the organist of « le Temple de Gervais », 
for a presentation at the 2010 edition of Geneva’s Mapping Festival. Employing the latest digital technology, they created a dialogue between the church’s architecture, 
the organ and electronic music, using the church’s vault and walls as an abstract narrative framework.

About The Music :

The music was composed inside the church, including the very special acoustics of this place in the creative process (about 8 seconds of reverberation time).
The will was to compare electronic sounds with the sounds of the organ to compose a very austere music in the manner of a Protestant cult.

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