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Site Specific A/V Installation, Songdo City - South Corea, 2009

Visuals: Yannick Jacquet, Joanie Lemercier, Olivier Ratsi, Romain Tardy
Sound Design: Thomas Vaquié
Production: Nicolas Boritch - Antivj / Nabi art center

The importance of technology, the coexistence of the ancient and the new and the presence of the sea as both a calming and menacing elements seem to be the fundamental ideas to the creation and development of this model-city. 
The city of Songdo is a challenge to human’s ability to plan a large scale construction work and, most of all, it will reflect on how urban society can be organized for people to interconnect, 
network and live with each other in such controlled and optimized environment. AntiVJ’s artists produced an audiovisual piece exploring these ideas.

About The Music :

Songdo's music is composed of 3 elements: purely electronic sounds, samples of traditional Korean music and sounds of percussion and drones recorded on the building where the mapping was projected.
To record these sounds of drones and percussion, I auscultated the building with my microphones and I collected a multitude of samples:
impacts on the metal of the wall, friction and twisting of sheets, sounds of wind rushing into the asperities of the building still under construction.
Mixed in 6.1, the music surrounded the square and offered the audience an immersion in this chaos of tradition, synthesis and metallic materials.

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