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Site Specific A/V performance, Wonderfruit festival Thaïland, 2018 - 2019 - 2022 - 2023 - ...

Stage and light design : Visual System
Music : Thomas Vaquié & Alexandre Bouvier
Production : Visual System - Polygone Stage - Wonderfruit Festival

Polygon is a Stage designed by Visual System for the Wonderfruit Festival that append in Thaïland. It brings together futuristic sensory technology that synchronizes touch, holographic visuals, light and spatialized sound in a new immersive environment for dance music lovers. The twenty-five-meter polygonal bamboo structure uses 3D, virtual-reality sound technology from L-Acoustics, which will be put to good use by the venue's four-day line-up of some of the world’s leading underground house and techno DJs and live acts.
For each edition of the festival, Pierre Gufflet, Thomas Vaquié and Alexandre Bouvier create a specific piece to start the evening. This piece, in collaboration with local artists, exploits the incredible possibilities of the L-acoustic sound system and is illuminated by an original light creation by Pierre Gufflet

SURA - 2023

SURA, at the heart of this magical temple, creates a unique live performance in situ, inviting Wonderers to lose themselves in an infinite morphing of sound and vision. 


Relive the magic that is Crépuscule - a unique, site specific show that invites us to lose ourselves in a morphing of 360° sound and visuals within our magical temple. Performed live each evening on the Polygon.live stage at Wonderfruitfestival. Original music composed by Alex Bouvier, Alex Tran and Thomas Vaquié

OPIUM - 2019

When night falls at Wonderfruit, a ten minute synchronised sound and light show called “Opium” will descend, moving emotions in a hypnotic reveal using space and echo. This is a collaborative project between the two talented composers Thomas Vaquié & Alexandre Bouvier and us.


POLYGON - 2018

Visual System created the whole stage design of that Pagan temple made for spriritual electronic music in the middle of the Thai's jungle.
Original music by Thomas Vaquié.

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