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Site spécifique A/V installation, Centre Pompidou - Metz - France , 2013

Artistic direction : Simon Geilfus / Yannick Jacquet / Thomas Vaquié
Visual content : Simon Geilfus / Yannick Jacquet / Romain Tardy
Music : Thomas Vaquié
Production : Nicolas Boritch - Antivj / Centre Pompidou

Loosely inspired by the work and research of deep-sea expert Peter A. Rona, the piece abolishes notions of scale by contrasting micro-architecture with human construction.
Fascinated by the marks left by unknown creatures called Paleodictyon Nodosum, he offers the hypothesis that these hexagonal structures are designed in order to cultivate bacteria. 
A modern day Captain Nemo, Peter A. Rona wanders relentlessly across the seabed looking to discover these living creatures, of which we only know of their mysterious geometrical makeup, reminiscent of the Centre Pompidou’s hexagonal shape frame. 

About The Music :

The music of Paleodyction is composed of 2 parts written in mirror. The first, Plancton, is the one of the abyss, of darkness. 
The second one, Otarie, happens just below the surface of the ocean. I composed these two parts by working on the idea of sound masses,
the idea of representing musically the movement of a multitude of fish, plankton, and sea creatures, all these animals interacting together like liquids masses.
The extract above corresponds to the second part, Otarie. 
When I wrote this part, I had in mind the image of a sea lion playing in a school of fishes. His rapid movements disrupting the shape of the school, his strokes of jaw, his dance all around the fishes.

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