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Site Specific A/V installation, Prague - Czech Republic, 2016

Visual Design : TigreLab
Sound design : Thomas Vaquié
Production Tigrelab / Signal Festival

Mutis is a tribute to the explorer and naturist Jose Celestino Mutis, a journey through an imaginary explorer’s notebook. 
This project had a unique creative process: Tigrelab imagined 8 creatures and prepared a simple brief for the 8 sound artists.
Each artist created their own and personal soundscape, which Tigrelab then designed and animate each creature from the audio received.
Mutis is an Anaglyph Video Mapping, created for the 2016 edition of the Signal Festival in Prague.

About The Sound :

I created one of the 8 sound creatures, the one called Gigas Intestinus. I wanted something simple, one idea and one sound block, a storm of voices and waterfalls of slobber. 

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