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Site Specific A/V performance, Sharjah Light Festival 2018, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Visuals : Tigrelab  
Music : Thomas Vaquié
Production : Nomada / Tigrelab

Monoliths is a reflection in regard to the massive digitalisation of our environment and the benchmark lost that it creates.
As a consequence of the new technologies and through our multiples avatars, we could be in a lot of places at the same time but rarely fully in one.
It was presented for the opening night of the Sharjah Light Festival 2018.
17 projectors of 20k, 4 led tower of 7 x 2,5 meters and 12 Skytracers compose this large scale audiovisual installation.

About The Music :

The music is at the crossroads of three universes, the sound of traditional Arabic music with instruments like Ney and Oud, the synthesis of the years 70/80, in particular with the synthesizer CS-80 and glitches sounds of the 2000's.

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