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Documentary, Belgium , 2021

Direction : Thomas Purcaro Decaro, Luc Jabon
Musique originale : Thomas Vaquié
Production : Image Création

To relive the epic story of a unique Brussels nightclub, the Mirano Continental, is to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 80s, with its musical, visual and artistic revolution. It's a chance to explore the avant-garde, the societal challenges and the creative imagination.
It's also about questioning an exceptional lifespan and understanding why a certain nightlife culture, inaugurated by the Mirano, still resonates, inspiring today's times.
But how did a group of young people from Brussels, determined to make a common dream come true, manage to take up such a challenge?

About The Music :

The music in the documentary traces the different musical styles that made up the Mirano club soundtrack, from funk and techno to disco, new wave and hip hop.

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