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Audiovisual & in-situ installation, On tour , 2022

Direction : Nico Neefs
Music Composition : Thomas Vaquié
Coreographer : Rob Hayden
Production : Nicolas Boritch

“Limbes” is an immersive & contemplative video installation. It questions our relationship to times, cycles, to our presences. In many beliefs there is this place, where the souls in transition, patiently await for the next step. The work talks about our different realities, our perception of time, of the unknown, it talks about our lives to come through our perception of death. Seeing what we call an end  as an act of transformation to come, a travel, an exchange.
Limbo is the dance of the universes, where our bodies float in space and stay suspended the time of a trip or for eternity. Thinked as a visual polyrhythmic, the work is constantly moving, evolving into new shapes. Inspired by generative music, micro-sound or granular synthesis; theories, thoughts and dreams about time, every entity has his own rhythm, his own temporality.
What we see are levitating bodies at different tempos,a “ballet suspendu”, an eternity.

About The Music :

Limbes' music is thought of as the energy that moves our bodies from one world to another.

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