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Music Piece, Atonal Festival - Berlin - Germany , 2014

Music Composition : Thomas Vaquié
Production : Atonal Festival / 4D sound / Antivj

In 2014, for the Berlin Atonal festival, I have been contacted to compose a musical piece on the 4D SOUND system.
For this event, I proposed a piece in 3 movements called Last breaths of a hanged man.
It talks about a man sentenced to death by hanging. Or rather, it talks about the sensations, the thoughts, 
the reactions of this man from the moment he’s going through the crowd to get on the scaffold to the time where, after his last breath, his soul rises above the scene.

About 4DSound :

4D SOUND is a fully omnidirectional sound environment where the listener can experience sound in an unlimited spatial continuum. 
Sound can move infinitely far away or come intimately close: it moves around, as well as above, beneath, in between or right through you. 
Led by your ears, you’re encouraged to explore the space. You can move between blocks of sound, touch lines of sound and walk through walls of sound. 

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