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Site Specific A/V installation, Tokyo - Japan, 2012

Visuals : Romain Tardy & Simon Geilfus
Music : Thomas Vaquié
Production: Institut Français Tokyo / Nicolas Boritch - ANTIVJ

Architectural projection is often connected to the idea of being spectacular - but not this time. 
Using the shadows of the trees and the plants that surround the French Institute of Tokyo, this piece is all about small details that are not visible at the first glance. 
By adding a layer of computer-generated shadows to the actual ones, the garden is turned into a nocturnal world inhabited by fireflies, birds, and anthropomorphic insects.

About The Music :

Composed for 6 channels, the music of L'orage recreates a forest atmosphere where the sound of trees, insects and birds seem to communicate gradually, starting to tell a story little by little.

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