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A/V installation, Breda - Netherlands, 2009

Visuals : Yannick Jacquet, Olivier Ratsi, Joanie Lemercier, Romain Tardy
Music : Thomas Vaquié
Organ : Gerard Maters
Production : Nicolas Boritch - Antivj / Graphic Design Breda

What is contemplation in our digital era? Do the traditional places like a cathedral still hold this function?
Grote Kerk is a mapping piece inspired by the hectic history of the cathedral of Breda, where graphic design meets the baroque heritage of the place. 
Using the organ both as a projection support and as an instrument (played live during the performance), this piece was a powerful in-situ A/V experience.

About The Music :

How does it sound to explode a violin and an organ in that huge reverb?

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