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A/V installation, On Tour , 2016

Concept & Visual : Olivier Ratsi
Music : Thomas Vaquié
Production : Nicolas Boritch

“Fragmented Plane” is an augmented fresco that mixes Street Art and digital installation. 
Realised on a more than 35-meter-long wall, this ephemeral work uses paint — the natural medium of urban art — as well as video-mapping, allowing it to play with the spatial perception of the place. 
Following the principal of mise en abyme, the wall is reproduced virtually, then deconstructed and painted  according to a predefined vanishing point.
When standing in this predefined spot, chosen by the artist, the viewer will be able to see the augmented wall.

About The Music :

The soundtrack of Fragmented plane is composed of a single sound, a sample of an explosion.
Like in the video, I freeze this explosion sound by a process of granular synthesis.
Then, I follow  all lights mouvement by sweeping the frequency of this frozen explosion sound.
Here, the harmony work with time, like anamorphosis work with space.
Few series of notes correspond to the different reflections on each part of the exploded plan.
The frequency of each note varies according to the movement of these reflections,
in a way that harmony will successively be formed and deformed according to the position of the light source.

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