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A/V installation, Elektra Festival - Montreal - Canada , 2012

Concept & Design : Olivier Ratsi
Software development : Anthony Gouvrillon
LED development : Julien Guinard
Sound and Music : Thomas Vaquié
Production : Julien Taib - Arcadi

The piece is a light and sound sculpture whose elements are suspended in mid-airspace, and fragmented in a space. This dynamic layout offers different points of view and perspective according to the position of the spectator.
It is made of 14 elements of red semi-translucent Plexiglas and six  aluminium structure with embedded LEDs.
These elements can be lit up independently, and synchronized with a sound design  that brings the temporal dimension of the work. 

About The Sound :

The music of Fragment In Space is composed from 44 different sounds played and processed by VVVV. 
1 sound for each Fragment and 2 main ‘color’ sounds to reflect each of the two materials’ singularity.
The piece is made of several sequences where these sounds are played randomly according to several principles of triggering.
The challenge here was to anticipate all the possible combinations and create sounds that match in any sequence played.

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