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Nico Neefs directed the music video of Ether, a track taken from Ecume album.
He filmed this fantastic images based on the artwork designed by Yannick Jacquet and on the sound waves of Ether track.

Video directed by Nico Neefs
Music by Thomas Vaquié
Images by Nico Neefs & Corentin Kopp
Edit & Post-production by Nico Neefs
Video produced by Thomas Vaquié  &  Charles Kinoo for Less Is More Studio

Ether embodies the world that exists above the skies.
It is the air that the gods breathe.
It is that feeling of dizziness,
the asphyxiation that we feel when faced with immensity.

The images on the video were made entirely using the sound waves of the track Ether taken from the album Ecume by Thomas Vaquié. Equipped with a home-made micro lens, a camera travels inside physical representations of the composition, from a concrete mountain built from the spectrogram of the music, to eruptions of metal powder caused by rhythmic impulsions

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