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Animation Film, France / Belgium , 2015

Direction : Xavier Chassaing
Music and sound : Thomas Vaquié
Production : Nicolas Boritch - Antivj / Mathematic TV / Proyecta

A trip through an electric desert, Dry Lights unfolds in an imagined environment of cacti and canyons, moving from hidden caves to lonely cliffs along pulsating rivers of light. This experimental film lies somewhere between a site-specific installation and a performance, where choreographed lights meet organic landscapes. Like an imaginary city flickering in the dark, the lights beacon fragments of vague memories - faded moments, experiences, and topographies. A world in an erratic state of flux that seems to evade any grasp of clear control plays host to constantly alternating physical and mental landscapes. Moving without a destination in the dead hours of night, mesmerising, intermittent apparitions illuminate their surroundings, allowing personal narratives to breed.

About The Sound :

The music of Dry Lights is a pulsation. The beating of an electric energy that comes alive in the flora and grows little by little until it completely invades the entire landscape. It is composed of a simple sixteenth note that accompanies all the images. As it goes along, it gets bigger, enriches its timbre and ends up absorbing all the other sounds of nature. This soundtrack consists of 3 interdependent layers: sound effects, ambiances and music. Each of this layers intertwine harmonically, rhythmically and in the sound space. Three kinds of sound entities moved by an energy that begin to mix, to merge and ultimately form one sole sound.

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