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Site Specific A/V performance, Neufchâtel Switzerland, 2011

Visuals : Yannick Jacquet & Simon Geilfus  
Music : Thomas Vaquié
Production : Nicolas Boritch - Antivj
Live organ : Simon Peguiron

This project was born out of the desire of three artists (Simon Geilfus, Thomas Vaquié & Yannick Jacquet) to create an audiovisual experience in which a religious building (Collégiale de Neuchâtel) and its instrument (an organ) is confronted with contemporary digital arts.
Employing digital technologys, they created a dialogue between the church’s architecture, the organ and electronic music, using the church’s vault and walls as an abstract narrative framework.
Through the use of these new technologies they shed new light on the unique value of this milestone in Nechâtel’s architecture and history, a building that seldomly hosts such performances.

About The Music :

I wanted Claire Obscure’s music to be something mystical, that can tell us everything that is not seen. 
These things we explain with religion or beliefs. The track above is the 3rd part of the show. 
It’s called Ether.
Ether is a Greek divinity.
He embodies the world that exists above the skies.
He is the air that the gods breathe.
He is that feeling of dizziness,
the asphyxiation that we feel when faced with the immensity of the world.

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