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Site specific A/V performance, Scopitone Festival - Nantes - France , 2010

visuals: Simon Geilfus, Yannick Jacquet, Joanie Lemercier, Romain Tardy
music: Thomas Vaquié
production: Nicolas Boritch - Antivj / Scopitone Festival

Ruins, dereliction, nature taking over this newly restorated castle: a project for the French "heritage open days". 
No frescoes from the old masters here, but an organic and mineral chaos for an intense audiovisual experience.

About The Music :

The music of this audiovisual piece takes place in the forests that surrounded the castle.
It's like the spirit of trees telling their memories.
The extract above happens at the moment when the cold tries to paralyze nature. 
When the snow lying on the trees turns to ice.
The music of this show speaks about the seemingly motionless struggle between a tree and the stalactites crushing it.

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