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Contemporary Dance Piece, FIMA festival - Mexico , 2017

Concept, Visual & Motion :Tigrelab

Choreography : Núria Guiu 

Music Composition : Thomas Vaquié
Production : FIMA festival

Alice is a 18 minutes performance mixing contemporary dance, dynamic light, scenography and video.
Alice through the mirror pictures the duality of the body, confronted to the new technologies and social networks. We can be anywhere, anytime, virtually duplicated.
This show explores the infinite possibilities of different identities we are offered, with this central question remaining : where is my body in this timeless space?

About The Music :

Alice's music is the whirlwind of her thoughts.
A melody that resonates tirelessly in his head.
That takes more and more place and become an obsession, a disorder, a trance and a dream.

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