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A/V Installation, On Tour, 2011

Visuals : Yannick Jacquet , Jeremie Peters
Sound and Music composition : Thomas Vaquié
Production : Nicolas Boritch - Antivj

3Destruct is a space of visual and sonic deconstruction. Half way between light sculpture and "penetrable" the installation offers an immersive experience in a non-linear world, where spatial coherence is lost.
3Destruct was originally designed specifically for the "Biennale d’art contemporain", which took place in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium in 2007. It has since then been adapted to be presented in various venues.

About The Music :

The starting point of this music score was the desire to focus on what makes the essence of an audiovisual work, ie the movement of a vibratory energy in space and time.
From basic sound material (sinusoids and white noises,) I built the major part of the elements that made up this soundtrack. 
Then, everything is based on the idea that emotions are guided by this vibratory energy and that our mental constructions are the result of our emotions.
The music is composed for 6 speakers and 1 sub. It is adapted each time, arranged according to the place of exhibition and mixed on site.

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